Born in Williams Lake BC Mateus moved to Banff at the age of 3 and Canmore at the age of 6, and has been living in the beautiful Bow Valley ever since.

The Grower
Mateus has always had a fascination with insects and all the little creatures growing under foot. Ever since he was a toddler he would spend his days at Whiskey Creek in Banff collecting insects and observing them interact, and collecting creek water (back when the creek had water) and observing all the acquatic life. This passion continued, he would spend countless hours pouring over books of insects, and raising insects in cages. Spending his childhood in the forests and mountains he also learned of the edible and medicinal plants. He now still works closely with the earth, owning a organic lawncare business, and taking every opportunity to go out into the forest to harvest, or even just harvesting in the neighborhood and around town. He also is working on developing vermicompost heaters for greenhouses, and has started to grow edible mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms and all kinds of other mushrooms being on his list of fungi to learn how to grow! He hopes one day soon to sell edible mushrooms at the market, and teach others how to grow their own mushrooms! 

The Warrior
Mateus has always been fond of physical activity, excelling from a young age at endurance based sports. He finds himself gravitating towards solitary activities that allow his mind to wander while in the trance of movement. Much of his formal health and fitness learning began in his teenage years, when his parents owned and operated a gym called PerformX in Canmore. The gym focused on sports training, with strong emphasis on whole body integration, and injury prevention through a strong core/stabilizer training regime.  Working at the gym he dabbled in anatomy, learned how to build a gym program focusing on correcting kinesthetic imbalances, and learned some basic nutrition principles. He has also studied Tai Chi in Thailand, Wado Kai Karate here in Canmore, and took a yoga teacher training in Banff. He competed in Spartan sprint race in Calgary in august 18th 2013, and scored 40th place out of 3433. He hopes to attend more such competitions in the future!

The Nurturer
Mateus' mother has always been a creator in the kitchen, growing up her mother went away early in her life so she being the oldest of 4 had to start cooking for her family ever since she was 12, and has been doing so ever since. A mother of 5 boys she has served as a prime example of a nurterer in his life. He has always loved cooking, much preferring a home cooked meal to a meal out. Though admittedly his idea of cuisine out of high school was frozen vegies baked with stew meat, baked until dry and crispy with little to no flavor. His culinary skills have come much further since, living in communal situations with chosen family he had to learn how to appeal to many different pallets! His specialization is utilizing all ingredients given to him. Having loads of fresh produce set in front of him and having to invent creative ways to utilize every bite into a large variety of recipes is a challenge he will never pass up! No food ever goes wasted when he is put in charge of its management! In 2016 Mateus and Ray co-created the Mountain Mystiks in order to help nurture the planet back to health.

The Mystik

Mateus has always been into RPGs (Role-Playing-Games) childhood days spent playing make believe with his good friend Dean in the forest of Whiskey creek, fighting off zombies, going on epic quests, designing their very own paper based RPGs using their action figures to play out elaborate stories. Reading Fantasy novels, writing fantasy short stories. All these things set the groundwork for what was to come. Always the wizard in his stories and role playing, and always with a focus on earth based magick. Later on his characters were a mixture of warrior and wizard, which seems to be an accurate representation of his current character. This roleplaying naturally led to his research into religious mysticism and the spiritual sciences. He has come to find in his studies that all religions and traditions have overlapping themes and ideas about the science of the spirit, and the manipulation of its subtle energies. Through hours of listening to notable philosophers lecture on the spirit and the connectivity of things he has adopted a very holistic viewpoint of the universe and with this has come a true and tangible faith in the karma of energies. He has studied Reiki level 1-3 with Anastasia Kutt, and delved deep into meditation and the chakra system with his yoga practice, and learned much of the masculine and feminine energies through his study of symbology and Tantra. If you are new or curious to the path of the self he recommends you listen to the lectures of Ken Wilber, Robert Anton Wilson, Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Wayn Dyer... and the list goes on and on!

Future Aspirations

Mateus has always felt a draw to the tropics, this has led him to spend 3 months hitch hiking, staying in temples and caves in Thailand, 3 months in India staying in mansions and going on an epic adventure which led to an enlightening series of "difficult" events in India. almost a year in Guatemala working in different hostels, and over a year living with chosen family in a couple small Belizean villages. It is in Belize where he found another piece of his heart, he owns 3 acres there which he is not yet sure of the reason for, but plans to move part-time to Belize and setup a bridge of sharing between here and there. He found that the people here could benefit greatly from the people of Belize and vice versa. 

Mateus aspires to spread the knowledge of living soil, fungus, insects, plant medicines, the spiritual sciences, and to learn and practice sustainable living on this planet, and to set an example of what we could be on this world should we celebrate our differences and come together as a single tribe once more.

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