5 Easy Probiotic Recipies to Make & Share

Chose Your Own... Pasta Sauce?

Cook your favourite gluten free pasta (or spaghetti squash),

then everyone gets to choose their own pasta sauce when you toss each portion with 1-2 TBS of their favourite Cashew Cheese or Pesto Mystiko.  For tomato sauce lovers, add in a few spoons of

Salsa Kraut and Voila! 


Got more time? Call your friend and invite them over, while they are enroute, saute whatever veg you have around, mix and enjoy!




2 Minute Guacamole

Peel and mash an avocado, add 2 TBS Salsa Kraut, add salt/cayenne to taste.  Grab a bag of our favourite organic corn chips, and eat it all up!


Saucy Simple Salad

Mix 3 TBS Jingle Sauce/Cashew Cheese with 3+ TBS olive oil, shake and serve over your favorite salad. (or if you're feeling lazy but still care about your health, pour over spinach and hemp hearts)


Instant Glory Rice

Take cooked plain rice (we won’t judge you if it’s yesterdays takeout leftovers) re-heat in a pan and toss in 1-2 cups of frozen organic veggies.  When the veg is cooked, top with 3+ TBS of Jingle Sauce to take it from “blah leftovers” to “OMG yum!” 


The ProBiotic Everything Chip Dip

Mix 1-2 TBS Cashew Cheese/Jingle Sauce, with 2 TBS Cauliflower Kraut, add a fresh grated veg (carrot, cucumber, turnip or other)

a cooked/sprouted bean/lentil of your choice, add a little of your favourite kombucha/kefir until it's a dip consistency. If it gets too thin add hemp protein to thicken it up again. 



All Ingredients are Organic, Locally (whenever possible) & Ethically Sourced


into the Hellz we go!

we travel enter into the hellz and are given the choice, will you enter the path of unknown danger, or face Cerberus guarding the gates of hell.

Of course at first stage we will not face cerberus, forwe are not ready for the apparent death that waits. So we begin our adventure into the tarot, from the fool=total freedom, to the world=complete union.

If you want to understand our journey through the tarot check Alejandro Jodorowsky and his work out!

Alejandro Jodorowsky. - The Tarot. (English…

the reason we are to not face the Cerberus initially is we are to go on our heroes journey through hell, and to realize ourselves infinite at which point we may face the Cerberus no fear in our eyes, only the knowing of the omni0prezent union! Union if with our Cerberus. Full integration!


The Space Monk-€-Nigmatron

It's ok to be scared!

People are afraid, we are all afraid, 
We stumble and fumble our way through this world, ever needing to strengthen our communion, lost in the grips of exponential growth. 
Our communication ever needing to evolve and expand in order to not create war within and reflect that without!

The two energies gaining in momentum exponentially in opposing directions!

Little do they realized as they grow apart they they are entwining further and further upon one another!

Like the twin serpents rising up the tree of life, so are we, ever expanding whilst weaving further and further apart!

This is what we are experiencing this chapter of the great book of destiny! A tipping point where both hemispheres are to strengthen their communication to the point where they will actually begin to understand and integrate into one another! The spiral continues ever outwards like a giant hork from an infinite glob....

With/in and with/out. As with/in as with/out every season and moment the glory of glob is omnipresent!!!

The Space Monk E-Nigmatron

How I see it

How I see it, the disparity has been growing and has reached a tipping point. And at this point in our human evolution there is two ways we can go, the path of isolationism, and wall building, which will inevitably lead to an extremely dark age of war and tension. Or we break down the walls between us and unite as the collective tribe of man and come together to heal the trauma we have created! It is inevitable that we will unite, it is just a matter of time. Be it now, tomorrow or a thousand years from now, or a million years from now in a different solar system, unification and integration is inevitable!

Resistance is Futile!

"It's easier to blame and maintain a semblance of control, than it is to accept the vast mystery that is this experience, and accept our complete lack of control within it. Through surrender we find eternity!"

The Space Monk-E-Nigmatron

Where we are going we don't need roads!

In the being something that has never been, one will constantly be expanding the boundaries of what was before. ThereFore to do that which has never been done one must burn the rule book in the process! For the rules of yesterday do not apply to the reality of today!
The Space Monk-E-Nigmatron

Alchemy of Ideas

There is no bad idea! Ideas that are repellent to you are there for you to contemplate to the point where you can explain to others why the ideas are repellent... Thus done good ideas, and bad ideas alike become wisdom! Thus the base lead is made to gold!

The Space-Monk-E-Nigmatron


The darkness is the natural resistance of life, it is our challenges and adversity. Only by accepting it and integrating it can we come to a place of harmony.

We integrate by coming to a place of peace with the thoughts, feelings, and actions that those challenges bring upon us. By doing so we transmutate our base lead (darkness) into the golden shine of our light.

The Space-Monk-E-Nigmatron

Don't Fear the Reaper

Spiritually the only real sin is the illusion of seperateness. The idea that killing something is inherently wrong comes from a presumption that life is somehow better than death, and that life is something opposed/seperate from death. Have you ever seen life without death? Have you experienced an inhale without an exhale?? Why is it permissible to give life, yet not to take life? Is the death of the body not just the release of the soul? Does the loss of that life somehow make the universe less whole?

The idea that one must try to stay alive is what takes the life out of living. To live fully; be thee animal, plant, insect, or fungus one does not hold onto the thought of keeping death at bay, such a thought keeps one where one is not instead of where one is! If you do not believe death is evil then you can take life with love and compassion. Ultimately it is the intention behind the act that determines whether it is born of sin or not. So if the act comes from a place of love and not fear then it is in line with the unity and therefore not sinful.

That being said, I believe that the reverence has been by and large forgotten, and that goes for everything! The way everything is treated on this planet right now is pretty horrid, be it soil, mountain, stream, insect, fungi, animal, plant, whatever it is!

All that to say that I see no inherent sin in killing, and consuming. Nor in being killed and consumed.


The Space Monk-€-Nigmatron

How Human and Cat became Friends

One day a mother cat named Bastet was hunting when a group of humans came into the area to gather wood worms to bring back to the tribe.

 The humans kept picking the worms and putting them into their big baskets. A little child named Muramba was picking worms, but then was distracted by a pretty butterfly, and went to chase it, a big squirrel grabbed Muramba’s basket full of worms with its little squirrel teeth and began to haul it away back to its nest, Bastet seeing the squirrel distracted with its large wormload jumped out and killed the squirrel relishing in the meal she would bring home to her little kittens!

Muramba looked back to see his basket tipped over worms all escaping panicked and scared away Bastet who in her haste for safety left her prize behind. Muramba was frantically putting his worms back in the basket. Muramba then grabbed the dead squirrel spiteful towards Bastet. Muramba was relieved to still have the basket and worms, for it was known that Muramba would be scolded for having lost the beautiful basket full of worms. So Muramba then told Grala the story, and Grala spoke “That cat saved your worms from the squirrel what a good thing!” Hearing this melted Murambas heart. Resentment for cat melting into sadness of judgement realized false.

Muramba later around the fire looked forlornly at the dead squirrel in her hands. Grala said, Muramba do you want to cook the squirrel in your hands?” To which Muramba then replied “Yea I guess so.” Muramba cooked the squirrel slowly on the fire, never had there been such a perfectly roasted squirrel. When it was finished cooking Muramba took the squirrel and went towards the bed.

 Bastet was so furious that the little human had stolen her prize away from her and her kittens. So furious was she that she vowed that night to break into the sleeping quarters of the little human and scratch their eyes right out of their head! Slowly she approached her victim’s quarters, and just as she was about to enter she smelt the delicious smell of cooked meat there on the doorstep, and beside it a little stone carving of a cat.
Bastet’s heart melted knowing Muramba had left this beautiful gift for her! She took it back to her kittens who had never tasted anything so good! The next day Muramba was back out at the same spot picking wood maggots as before and thinking of Bastet, the cat who had saved the child from a scolding. And wishing that they had had a better parting, when from there in the bush one of Bastet’s kittens hopped out into the clearing of the humans, Bastet’s heart went up to her throat with fear for her little kitten remembering her tense parting the other day!
Muramba instead of being angry gave some worms to the little kitten, which the kitten gobbled up merrily and then jumped up in Muramba’s arms. Bastet seeing this and her heart melting came out with her other kittensd and both humans and Cats rejoiced in their new found love!!

So if your cat brings back a little treat from the forest, continue the tradition if you can, and cook up the little prize really well for you kitty to enjoy, and for the bond that brought us together to be honored!

The Space Monk-€-Nigmatron