into the Hellz we go!

we travel enter into the hellz and are given the choice, will you enter the path of unknown danger, or face Cerberus guarding the gates of hell.

Of course at first stage we will not face cerberus, forwe are not ready for the apparent death that waits. So we begin our adventure into the tarot, from the fool=total freedom, to the world=complete union.

If you want to understand our journey through the tarot check Alejandro Jodorowsky and his work out!

Alejandro Jodorowsky. - The Tarot. (English…

the reason we are to not face the Cerberus initially is we are to go on our heroes journey through hell, and to realize ourselves infinite at which point we may face the Cerberus no fear in our eyes, only the knowing of the omni0prezent union! Union if with our Cerberus. Full integration!


The Space Monk-€-Nigmatron