It's ok to be scared!

People are afraid, we are all afraid, 
We stumble and fumble our way through this world, ever needing to strengthen our communion, lost in the grips of exponential growth. 
Our communication ever needing to evolve and expand in order to not create war within and reflect that without!

The two energies gaining in momentum exponentially in opposing directions!

Little do they realized as they grow apart they they are entwining further and further upon one another!

Like the twin serpents rising up the tree of life, so are we, ever expanding whilst weaving further and further apart!

This is what we are experiencing this chapter of the great book of destiny! A tipping point where both hemispheres are to strengthen their communication to the point where they will actually begin to understand and integrate into one another! The spiral continues ever outwards like a giant hork from an infinite glob....

With/in and with/out. As with/in as with/out every season and moment the glory of glob is omnipresent!!!

The Space Monk E-Nigmatron