Born To a devoted young couple in Mexico City, Ray has dedicated his life to living by their example.

From a young age he has learned a vastly valuable lesson which along with his endless curiosity and drive to understand science, spirit, and compassion has fueled his quest in holistic health. Enduring love, endures.

He was fortunate to be under their care and tutelage. From a very young age he has been eager to learn, challenge and understand our existence and purpose on this planet, and blessed with an ability to remember facts, dates, events, stories and Music that he is very grateful for. He clearly remembers always listening, analyzing and observing, then asking questions to these his wonderful mentors who happened to be theology teachers. Two loving, compassionate guides who together have helped shaped his strong moral stand point.

Together with his parents and his younger siblings he has travelled countless miles across various landscapes., within Mexico, across the US, and by the age of 9, all the way to Vancouver where they lived for 2 years.

This generated within him a love of literature which served as an important companion and a hunger to travel and discover more values and beliefs from cultures. Everywhere they visited he met people from all over the world that served as examples. Examples that shaped his moral standpoint further.

We are all one.

Ray developed a strong sense of self, of confidence and of love towards himself and others. He felt the overwhelming desire to share this through flamboyant, exocentric clothing and warm tender words and expression towards himself and others, Ray generated a feeling of familiarity and gratitude as he found he could relate to everyone in one way or another. This interest developed into a passion which naturally led him to begin making connections between human interaction and animal behavior. He studied and observed birds, religions, rodents, music, apes, poetry, plants and animals and insects and flowers for hours. Always smelling, touching, and in many cases tasting the flora wherever he may find himself.  

Ray’s mother has always cooked at home His Father has always been an athlete. Both a huge inspiration in his path. She always seemed to have the most fantastic elaborate dishes prepared. Ray loved Food and he Loved watching and helping and quickly earned a day where he cooked for his entire family. This proved a bigger test than he anticipated as his siblings all had different likes and dislikes and he yearned to please them and learned to accommodate to their preferences. His father always promoted activity. He became the coach of a “futbol”(Soccer) team that Ray and his brother were both a part of. They trained and played for many years. He ran alongside his father and loved Squash, and Badminton. Every weekend whenever possible, the family went on a small road trips out to nature.

Though Ray encountered many Teachers and schoolmates who displayed genuine interest and dedication to his education and individuality, School presented a difficult challenge.

He had a hard time dealing with authority figures who undermined his learning ability and capacity due to culture differences, due to a language barrier which he devoted years of time and energy into removing, and due to racism, both from teachers and fellow students. Suddenly his need to understand and ask question wasn’t welcome by many teachers and ridiculed by many classmates. For Ray fitting in was a challenge. Though he tried to remain humble, fear was an obstacle as he dealt with daily bullying based on his size, appearance, ethnicity, perceived sexual orientation and choice of clothing which led to multiple violent attacks on his person.  When reaching out to teachers for help in regards to the bullying many would turn a blind eye and he was told so often that he “brought it upon himself” that he stopped seeking advice and retreated inward. This oppression only fueled his expanding passion and curiosity for knowledge which in turn, directed him back to auto didacticism and his old friend literature to further quench this thirst..

He was now the oldest of six in a family of soon to be nine and he wanted nothing more than to be the best role model his siblings could have. He has always had a strong nurturing spirit and so devoted time to being the person he wanted to be for his parents for his siblings, for his friends and for himself.

By age 13 Coffee had become a best friend, along whom he had read his entire “The New Book of Knowledge” collection; where he discovered much and that there was much more to learn about the planet we live, its inhabitants and the challenges we as a species face. He was cooking multiple times a week and always wanted to try different foods. He loved watching the food network and began more time consuming dishes.

During his early high school years Ray read over 50 national geographic issues, incorporating Discover, The Walrus, MacLean’s, AP, wired, Men’s Health and Time magazines to his monthly and weekly subscriptions. His fascination with Classics, with Philosophy and Technology led him to discover many new think tanks. Hours of Documentaries and Conferences where observed and absorbed. Ray struggled to keep topics separated as he found so many links and similarities between everything. This led him back to Religion. At the same time, Studied Theology and came across Alchemy and Mysticism.

For as far back as he can remember, Ray suffered from insomnia, cluster headaches and daily migraines. Which he self-treated with large daily doses of Alcohol, Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and naproxen and coffee. He saw his family doctor who prescribed several different medications. Until then he had a mild discomfort with medicine but a trust in health care. He didn’t feel depressed but his family doctor assured him he was and amongst several other medications for ADHD, OCD was prescribed Anti-Depressants. One day he discovered to his shock that he had forget an entire day. He could remember everything he had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, books and articles he had read for weeks prior but could not recall the previous day. His fear Curiosity led him to read the warning label on his medication and he discovered memory loss was the least of the side effects that concerned him among which suicidal thoughts and tendencies where a part.

He decided, there had to be a better way. Native peoples throughout the world had always used natural remedies and seemed to be doing just fine. He made a vow to stop using drugs. He stopped all his pain killers, prescriptions, caffeine, Alcohol, and even stopped eating sugar, meat and dairy for several months. Ray slowly reintroduced these foods back to his diet and discovered that milk didn’t agree with him. He had never felt the type of energy this change had provided before and wanted to experience this elation further. He began experimenting on himself with diet which enabled his passion of exercise to grow.

He went vegan for almost a year with little education on nutrition and resorted to vegetarianism. He read on both topics extensively for many years before slowly reverting to meat eater. He had lost all faith in conventional medicine. But had started eating large meals several times a day. Inspired by the works of Julia Child, Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain, Tim Ferris, Sally Fallon, Sandor Ellix Katz, and Ron Garner, He began making all his food from scratch. His love for food and culture grew as he tenderly cared for his ferments, eagerly sought out his superfoods, began his quest with teas, and started learning about Ayurveda and TCM, He brewed his own beer, wine, mead, made all his broths, sauces and condiments and preserves for his dinners. For years he worked out daily alongside powerlifters, body builders, athletes, personal trainers and friends with a common interest in a healthy active lifestyle. Ray experimented on himself with extended periods of time on many different diets and with many different health foods and supplements and superfoods. He began Training Muay Boran and Capoeira both of which he practiced daily for 6 months. He discovered Yoga and meditation helped balance his active life. This Active life however included alcohol, substance abuse and sleep deprivation.

One day Ray had a traumatic accident at work which left him hospitalized. He had reconstructive surgery on his nasal canal and was bed ridden. In his shock and dazed He was given morphine and put to sleep against his will, his left leg was to be removed above the knee as he had Osteomyelitis and septicemia was developing on the leg which would could result to prove fatal. The pain left him unable to sleep. He was asked to sign documents but refuse to allow them to remove his leg. The extra time allowed him once again to focus on his literature. He sought after all the works on natural remedies for his pain and to help him heal.  He turned inward to meditation, only breathwork helped cope with the pain. He spent thousands of dollars on Superfoods, super herbs and medicinal mushrooms to help his leg heal. One day the swelling began to reduce the pain eased and the healing process started. After 3 months in bed, he went through 2 months of painful physiotherapy and rehabilitation as he had suffered severe muscle atrophy. He had lost a dangerous amount of weight and began to work out religiously again. He quickly healed enough to continue his previous lifestyle but found he could no longer digest the amounts of food he previously had and he developed mild discomfort from eating foods and intolerances to others.

He went back to work and worked at a restaurant for 2 years but felt that something was missing. He quit and began to travel. He backpacked across Mexico for 2 winters meeting and learning from the most wonderful teachers. He learned from Natives, Curanderos, herbalists, and practicing witches. He studied mindful meditation, he practiced vows of silence, and eating organic raw gluten free vegan food for years. His passion for quality food allowed him to create wonderful dishes based on different cooking styles and cultures which he has learned from friends and family while continuing his gluten free vegan lifestyle