My journey to my passion in health started at a very young age. As a baby I was not breast fed (processed pablum vs natural probiotics found in breast milk).  I had tonsillitis and ear infections often...  Cold sores... That sickly, weak Dosha (Ayurveda) child...  Hid behind my mother in fear... Grew up on that processed food of the 80's right!?  The introduction of margarine (petroleum product) and packaged foods like Noodles n' Sauce, Hamburger Helper, etc.  Busy mom.  A dad that does not do "women's" work.  So...i grew out of that fear as I chose to blossom through life, get brave, make friends with everyone and shine my light. Much louder self!  Though I was outwardly beautiful and happy.  Inside I felt alone, different and not healthy.  The antibiotics from all the infections had taken its toll on my body.  The unbearable headaches started. I treated my body as if I was indespensible as a teenager.  Junk food, parties and good times!  Life was a riot. 
That lifestyle took a toll on my health ever more.  I ignored the symptoms of my health not being quite right.  Still looking fine on the outside.  Tried vegetarian diet, veganism for years.  Master cleanses. 
Then, India called and it happened! It shifted my health journey to a new awareness.  With Ayurveda medicine (panchakarma treatment) and nutrition I began to understand my body.  My agni (digestive fire) had diminished from not knowing how to properly soak and sprout grains, beans and legumes.  I also needed probiotics.  I had a yeast overgrowth known as Candida.  I learned to make fermented foods and properly soak and prepare grains and beans first in India during that sacred time.   Then kombucha I smuggled over the boarder from Cali!!  Then water kefir....which really shifted the Candida issue for me.  And, eating fruit again!  I had that fruit fear thinking it would feed the candida.  The skins of ripe fruits are filled with nourishing probiotic goodness.  I noticed how much my health was improving from adding this lost food group, we call ferments,  into my diet.  Ferments are found in many cultures around the world. 
Science is now proving how important they are and I was learning this from ancient Indian medicine and my experience of getting back to optimal health after a life of depleted guts... Looking back on that me then and who I have become now I realize was and still is a trek!   I continue to work on repairing my liver from all the years of toxins.  Cleansing and fasting are currently bringing me even more improvements to my health....such a trek!!!  Delving into our bodies and what they need is a puzzle.  Look deeply at all the parts and start to piece it together for your individual self.  No one diet fits all.  Find what YOUR body needs and go with it.  I invite you to introduce some probiotics into your diet!  A little a day goes a long way... Enjoy the journey.  It is like an onion.  One layer then the next.  You got this!  Here's to true health and vitality...

I can be contacted for help with nutritional guidance, liver cleansing and fasting...  And, am so glad to feed your bellies with our plethora of products all filled with probiotics naturally found in foods...  Let's get YOUR health to the next level together 

In light  

Teresa Bryanton